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Sunday, November 30, 2014

131) The Tenth Dark Lord A' Leaping by Angie Fox

The Blurb :

Demon slayer Lizzie has a simple Christmas wish: a fun, festive holiday with her hot new husband, Dimitri. But some Christmas wishes aren’t meant to come true. The fun is over before it starts when Lizzie’s biker-witch grandmother and her coven show up in need of help—they have only a few short hours to rescue a loved one from a soul-eating demon. Can a rag-tag team of biker grandmas, paranormal misfits, and one seriously badass demon slayer save the day and manage to have a merry Christmas too?

My Thoughts :

It has been a long time since I have visit this series and I was a bit worried about reading this short story.  However all of the Twelve Days of Christmas novellas I have read so far were stand alone stories even if they did fit into a series somewhere.  No of them until now had left me scratching my head.

I tried to keep up but it was hard to follow everything in this short story.  I wanted to like it and I wanted to enjoy it but I was just confused and overwhelmed.  I didn't remember who any of the characters were and had no idea what had happened in the series.  Maybe if I had kept up with this series (which I am sure is amazing) then this novella would have made more sense.

Definitely worth reading if you are a fan of this series! However I am sure this one contains spoilers if you haven't read up till book five.  I may revisit this story if I ever get back to reading this series.

Check out the other Twelve Days of Christmas novellas and see if there are any others you would like!  They are cheap and cheerful and lovely short stories from a wide variety of authors and genres.

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