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Thursday, December 18, 2014

141) Foxglove Summer by Ben Aaronovitch

The Blurb :

In the fifth of his bestselling series Ben Aaronovitch takes Peter Grant out of whatever comfort zone he might have found and takes him out of London - to a small village in Herefordshire where the local police are reluctant to admit that there might be a supernatural element to the disappearance of some local children. But while you can take the London copper out of London you can't take the London out of the copper.

Travelling west with Beverley Brook Peter soon finds himself caught up in a deep mystery and having to tackle local cops and local gods. And what's more all the shops are closed by 4pm...

My Thoughts :

I don't know what happened to this book but I was so sure it was supposed to be released months ago.  I kept checking for it and finally it appeared on Audible the other week and I snapped it up straight away.  This series is one of my favourites to listen to and I have been looking forward to a new installment for over a year.

Foxglove Summer was just what I needed this last week.  A story I could really loose myself in and enjoy.  The change of scenery was a little surprising at first, I am so used to the London location that it was weird not having the familiar stomping grounds being described.  However it turned out that the different location was a breath of fresh air and it reminded you that the weird stuff isn't just something that happens in London.

Peter needed a break after what happened in the previous book and even if this is more of a busman's holiday he does get to enjoy himself a little.  There was a lack of Nightingale in this one but a nice amount of Beverley.  I didn't like her very much in the previous books but I warmed up to her in this one.  Of course Lesley is mentioned and has a very small part in this fifth book but it looks like we will have to wait for that mess to get cleared up in another story.

This series is turning out to be a brilliant escape of a read.  Lots of fantasy and supernatural all wrapped up in a mystery with some lovely characters, great humour and some very interesting explanations for everything.  I love the concept and also love the fact that it is totally British.  The author obviously has a great imagination but he also manages to put some facts behind his work.  There is no lack of research and this isn't the kind of series, story or plot that is thrown together quickly and without proper thought.

Well worth reading!  Make sure you start at the beginning!  Oh and if you like audiobooks then this is a superb one to listen to!  The narrator really brings the characters and story to life.  Definitely check this one out on Audible.

Here's hoping the wait till book six isn't too long....

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