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Friday, January 2, 2015

151) Dae's Christmas Past by Joyce & Jim Lavene

The Blurb :

Mayor Dae O'Donnell is able to tell where people have lost items by touching them and able to find lost people by touching their things.

Dae's good friend, Jake Burleson, is accused of killing the director of the wild horse rescue group in Corolla. She believes there is more to the story and investigates with the help of pet psychic Mary Catherine Roberts.

My Thoughts :

I have been following the Missing Pieces Mysteries since they began and enjoying them a lot.  The hint of the paranormal was nice at first and it has been growing with every installment.  This time the supernatural aspect starts to take over and it seems the authors have decided to take the series more into the paranormal realms and not leave it hanging in there.   The question is, will it work?

The plot was interesting and revolved around an ongoing topic from the town.  The wild horses and the statues that were found have been mentioned before and it was nice to find out what they were.  There were some nice developments in the town and the characters involved.  One huge change was a character leaving very suddenly but another taking her place just as quickly.  Which was a little weird but also somehow welcome.

I'm still not totally sure if I am happy with the huge supernatural/paranormal change of pace in the on-going story of this series.  The cliffhanger/abrupt ending has me excited and worried at the the same time.  I guess the next book could be a deal breaker for me because even though I like all things supernatural and paranormal I wasn't expecting this series to go in this direction and I am a little scared that this change may ruin the series.

There was a cameo visit from some characters from another series written by the authors and maybe there have been others but I didn't notice before.  I have to admit I really want to read more of the Lavene's huge collection of cozies but I just haven't found the time!  However they are turning out to be a very good writing team and can't fault them so far.

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