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Monday, January 19, 2015

9) No Ghouls Allowed by Victoria Laurie

The Blurb :

M.J. has had a distant relationship with her father since her mother died more than two decades ago. But when M.J., her boyfriend, Heath, and BFF, Gilley, take a break from their show, Ghoul Getters, and visit her family home in Valdosta, Georgia, they find Montgomery Holliday a changed man. The source of his happiness seems to be his new fiancée, the charming Christine Bigelow.

But despite the blush of new love, Montgomery and Christine are dealing with a big problem in the form of the antebellum mansion she is having renovated. After a series of strange accidents, the work crew is convinced the place is cursed, and the contractor has walked off the job. At Christine’s request, M.J. and her pals agree to find out if they’re really dealing with some spirited saboteurs and a possessed plantation home.

My Thoughts :

I have been enjoying this series ever since it started and it amazing to see how far things have come.  What started out as little bumps in the night have grown into night terrors of the scariest degree.  Ghost Hunter or not, M.J. is really getting the big kills!  She is coming up against things that nightmares are made of and this time it is personal.

This ninth installment sees M.J. going home for a visit and getting involved in the most spookiest and craziest ghost problem yet.  Over the course of the book it becomes apparent that her mother was involved in the events causing the hauntings but M.J has to figure out how.  Her mother is on the other side and isn't ready to tell her daughter anything.

As the story unfolds there are some extremely scary happenings and just reading about them will give you goosebumps.  Don't let the cute cozy cover deceive you!  This may be a cozy mystery but it is very haunting!  There are some very shocking revelations in No Ghouls Allowed and I have to wonder if the author took things a little too far this time around.  I could see some readers being put off by the actions of the characters, ghosts, possessed or other wise.

The Ghost Hunters are a favourite cozy of mine and I have to admit that the spooky, dark and over the top hauntings are actually very enjoyable.  The plots are always interesting and there are some amazing characters involved.  If you aren't a horror movie type of person then you may want to stay away from this series but if you don't scare too easily you will enjoy this no holds barred ghost hunting adventure.

Start at the beginning of the series to get the full effect.  This series keeps getting darker, scarier and fantastic.  The mysteries are well thought out and keep you guessing plus the sleuthing and ghost hunting combination makes for a great story all round.

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