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Saturday, April 4, 2015

41) Vengeance of the Demon by Diana Rowland

The Blurb :

Demon summoner Kara Gillian is on the wrong side of the law, and there's evidence to prove it. Too bad the courts don't accept "fighting demonic forces" as justification for murder and mayhem.

Yet Kara has problems that go way beyond her legal woes. When the enemy demonic lords spur their human accomplices into high gear, master summoner Katashi aggressively pursues their goal to establish a permanent gate between Earth and the demon realm. To hell with the consequences for humanity.

The line between ally and enemy blurs as Kara gathers the remnants of her posse to prevent a devastating demonic incursion, but a shattered trust may cost them the war and put Kara behind bars. With treachery rife, and her loved ones in danger, Kara must call upon the essence of who she truly is in order to rally back from a crushing loss.

And if she can't, the world is going straight to hell.

My Thoughts :

I have to start this review by saying that this series has always been original and well written.  I may not have always been happy with the route the story went (Touch of the Demon was a hard read) but I have always been eager to read more about Kara's story and see what happens next.  There is something about this series that makes it special and I think Kara herself has been a winning factor since the beginning.  She is kick-ass and has a good head on her shoulders which doesn't always apply to the main characters in this genre.

However now we are seven books into the series and I am at a loss at what to say about this latest installment.  I managed to read Vengeance of the Demon to the end but I have to admit that I thought about giving up on many occasions.  I struggled to keep up with what was going on, who was who and what anything meant.  I have been a fan of this series since the beginning and I couldn't remember what most of the book referred to and it was frustrating.

The characters were hard to keep up with.  I know the basics but suddenly there was a Detective Pellini involved and he becomes a major player.  All the demons were hard to keep in line.  The names started to mean nothing to me and the whole paranormal aspect became overwhelming.  The plot was interesting enough but I had no idea what past incidents they were talking about.  There are some really good twists in this book but they left me even more confused...especially Kara's aunt.  I just don't have a clue how it all fits together anymore.

I can understand how the author feels like these are details all her fans should know and understand.   However, with about a years wait between each book and in the meantime reading at least a hundred books, well I am sorry to say I can't remember all the little details to this one series however good and unique it is.  Instead I had a hard time reading this latest installment and am seriously considering not going back for part eight.  Unless I have time to read the whole series again from the beginning so I can give myself a chance of understanding it all.

Oh and to insult my problems there is a glossary which you can find at the end of the book when you have finished.  I didn't know it was there but I am sure it would have been a great help.  Would it be too much to wish for links in the Kindle version?  Wouldn't it be cool to click on the word I am having trouble with and be sent to the glossary?   Like the dictionary function?    I doubt it would happen now with the book releasing next week but you have been warned!  Help is at the back!   Putting it at the front to refresh your memory would be a stupid idea....

I loved this series.  The police procedure and the demon problems/crimes that needed to be solved but the series has turned into something else and while I am sure there are many people who are still enjoying it, I am not.  It's just hard to give up on something that has been a part of your reading list for so long.  On you pre-order and must have lists.

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