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Saturday, May 16, 2015

54) Some Like It Witchy by Heather Blake

The Blurb :

The Enchanted Village is abuzz when the old Tavistock house finally goes up for sale. Darcy’s friend Curecrafter Cherise Goodwin is hoping she will have the winning bid on the home, but Darcy can’t shake the feeling that something bad is about to happen—and her magical instincts are usually right.

Sure enough, while Darcy and Cherise are looking at the property, they discover real estate agent Raina Gallagher stone-cold dead on the floor. Clutched in her hand is a gemstone amulet and, on the wall above her, a large red A. While Raina had no shortage of enemies, there’s also a dark legend about the house itself. To track down the killer, Darcy must unlock the secrets of both the deceased and the estate—and she’ll need to act fast, because revenge is a deal that never closes.…

My Thoughts :

The fifth installment in the Wishcraft Mysteries arrived on my Kindle when it was released.  This is a pre-order series and once I had caught up with some other reading I couldn't stop myself from starting this one.  The trip back to the Enchanted Village was an easy one and I quickly found my bearings and was happy to cozy back up with the characters I have come to know and love.  In no time at all there was a murder to be solved and Darcy was on the case.

The mystery this time around was just as good as the previous ones.  It kept me guessing till the end and there was some really nice twists and turns along the way.  Following Darcy as she investigated the people and the history of events involved in this mystery was not only compelling but enjoyable.  It made for great reading and the story was wonderfully weaved from start to finish.

Darcy's on-going story is the one of reasons I knocked off half a star and didn't give this book full points.  I just can't believe that Darcy hasn't put certain things together by now.  There are little bits and pieces that I can see coming and have seen since the first book but Darcy isn't solving those mysteries as quickly or investing enough time into it.  She does get some surprises this time around but I really feel she should know all the answers by now.

The other reason this one didn't get 5 stars was the ending.  Suddenly the mystery was solved and even though we get a couple of chapters explaining everything I still felt the critical moment was all a bit abrupt and over too quickly.  The clues were fast and furious towards the end and it would have been nice to have more time to process them and put things together.  However it was more of a boom and we get to see the aftermath.

Despite those two little items this book was a pleasure and joy to read.  The concept alone makes this series worth reading. If you love cozy mysteries with a paranormal twist then you really need to look to the best and Heather Blake is certainly one of them.  I can't wait to see what happens next and hope Darcy finds more answers to her questions.

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Aurian said...

I read this book this weekend, and loved it. I do agree, I really do think I know who the elder is, and what you have to be to become the elder.
But I so love the familairs, Pepe and mrs P, and Archie, and of course those in Darcie's own house whom she should have found out by now.