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Sunday, June 14, 2015

64) Murder of a Sweet Old Lady by Denise Swanson

The Blurb :

When she left Scumble River years ago, school psychologist Skye Denison thought she’d never be back. But after a run of bad luck in the big city, she has a new appreciation for the down-home charm of small-town life--and decides to start over in the town where she started out…When Skye’s beloved grandmother is found dead in her bed, the family consensus is natural causes.

Still, Skye insists on an autopsy--an examination that proves the sweet old lady was, in fact, murdered! But who could have done the deadly deed? Skye is determined to find out, though her snooping doesn’t sit well with the relatives. Family tensions can mean only one thing: family secrets. And when a series of hooligan attacks on Skye’s property leads to an outright physical assault, Skye has to wonder if by exposing the rotten roots of her family tree, she’s one step closer to exposing the killer…

My Thoughts :

Scumble River is just one of those places you wish you could visit.  Just once.  To see what it looks like and to check out the people who live there.  It isn't a bad place but it is different.  The town has a wide range of social elements and Skye Denison, school psychologist, is finding out what that really means.  Her job is bringing her cases from all over the Scumble River spectrum and each of them have their own dangers and could cause Skye a lot of trouble.

However these dangers are nearly forgotten when Skye finds her grandmother dead.  Old age isn't a cause of death that Skye agrees with and manages to get into more trouble but this time with her family.  Which means she has to back up her actions by getting to the bottom of things even if it means she has to point the finger at her own flesh and blood.

This second installment was as good as the first.  Of course with me being so behind in the series I have to keep reminding myself that this book is only the second of nineteen and therefore the age of the book shows with the lack of mobile phones and other technology.  Most of the missing digital machinery would make Skye's snooping and amateur sleuthing much easier and it will be interesting to watch this series evolve along with technology.

I am really looking forward to listening to the next installment.  Skye isn't one of my favourite amateur sleuths but I do like the town, the people and the mysteries.  I hope Skye sorts out her personal life soon because her problems are slightly annoying.  Especially for someone who is a psychologist.  She needs to leave the past in the past and start relaxing into life.  Let people help her and stop moaning about having to go back to Scumble River.  A lot of people would be happy to know they had a family like hers to go back to after her bad break-up and job problem.

Well worth checking out.  A definite good listen if you like Audio books.  Most likely one of the older cozy mystery series and surely a great one if it has been going on for so long!

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