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Saturday, July 18, 2015

73) Thirty-One and a Half Regrets by Denise Grover Swank

The Blurb :

While Rose recovers from a broken heart, she finds herself at odds with her sister—and business partner—Violet. Rose buries herself in her landscaping work, but becomes worried when her employee and friend, Bruce Wayne Decker, goes missing.

In the meantime, Fenton County assistant D.A., Mason Deveraux has been patiently waiting to begin a relationship with Rose, but she realizes she needs to confront the demons of her past before she can embrace a new future. She needs to find out the truth about her birth mother.

But her past isn’t her only demon. An undercurrent of tension has been spreading through Henryetta, Arkansas since drug lord, Daniel Crocker’s arrest six months ago. Still, she’s not prepared for a nightmare come true: Crocker’s escape from prison. Crocker carries a grudge and he’s determined to make Rose pay, but he plays a game of cat and mouse, forcing Mason and the Fenton County Sheriff’s department to hide Rose on her birth mother’s farm. But will it be enough to save her?

My Thoughts :

I was really enjoying this series but had to take a break.  Not because I really wanted to but there were no more installments available on Audio and I hate switching from the audio version to the physical reading of a series.  If it is just a short story, ok.  However if I am already into a series Audibly I find it really hard not to keep to that format.  So when I saw the rest of the series appear on Audible I was really excited but then noticed there was a new narrator.  Oh no!  One of the worst fears of any Audio book listener is the narrator being changed in the middle of a series.  You are used to the voice, know it and have spent hours with it.  No one else can fit those shoes!  But for once things turned out good.

So my first few minutes of listening to the new narrator was spent wondering if it was ok to like her.  Yes it took a few seconds of it sounding weird because it wasn't the voice I associated with the books but I have to say I liked her pretty much from the get go.  She sounded younger and less prim and proper.  She sounded like Rose.  A round of applause to everyone who had anything to do with that change.  It was worth the wait!

Now as for the story.  Amazing!  Another great installment in what has become one of my most favourite audio series.  The series is perfect to listen to and it isn't hard to keep track of who is who or what is what.  The story is always engaging and you can't help but love the characters and enjoy all the relationship problems or joys.

Family, friends and romantic interests are one reason for checking out this series but the well thought out plot and mystery is another.  A huge shout out has to go to the 'visions' Rose has which makes this series slightly paranormal and just even more interesting.  A twist that keeps the story from being your normal everyday cozy mystery.

I think the main attraction to this series has to be Rose herself.  While you may not like some of her ideas and actions or disagree with the decisions she makes, her story is something you can relate to on  so many different levels.  Maybe because you have had that weird relationship with your family.  Maybe you got mixed up in crap you didn't want to be involved in while just trying to be nice and help.  Whatever the reason there is a little of Rose in everyone and I can't wait to see how her story continues.

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Aurian said...

Great review Amber, I still have this series on my wishlist, but it is not forgotten!