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Friday, July 24, 2015

75) Magic and Macaroons by Bailey Cates

The Blurb :

For magical baker Katie Lightfoot, the only way to beat the Savannah summer heat is to whip up some cool treats for the Honeybee Bakery’s patrons. But when a meeting of the spellbook club is interrupted by a stranger collapsing on the floor of her shop, mumbling something about a voodoo talisman, Katie drops everything to begin investigating.

Her search for answers quickly leads her into a dangerous blend of Savannah’s infamous voodoo queens, a powerful missing charm—and a deadly witch who seems to be targeting the city’s magical community. And with the case getting hotter by the second, Katie will have to work fast to track down the talisman and the killer before the timer runs out…

My Thoughts :

The Magical Bakery Mysteries are always on pre-order and I was very excited to find this one on my Kindle last week.  During my small vacation I picked this book up many times and enjoyed a chapter or two but only managed to finally sit down and read the rest today.

There isn't too much progress in the on-going story in this one.  Or at least it didn't feel like there was.  In retrospect there were a few things that happened as Katie tries to find out what happened to a person she has been looking for in previous books.  With the mystery revolving around this person and also having ties to some other people from her circle of friends and family.

I don't want to give anything from the plot away so it is hard to write anything more than a yay and a hooray!  Another installment, another great read and some wonderful cozy paranormal excitement.  This is just what your Summer reading needs and also what any cozy lover will want to check out.

As always I am looking forward to the next Magical Bakery installment and hope that Katie manages to solve another mystery and find out more about her abilities.

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