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Saturday, October 31, 2015

107) Murder of a Smart Cookie by Denise Swanson

The Blurb :

Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Yard sales can bring out the worst in people. So when Scumble River school psychologist Skye Denison organizes a 100-mile yard sale, otherwise neighborly folk get downright nasty: her own mother creams a woman, and a battle of the sexes breaks out. But when her former boss is found murdered, nobody knows for sure how this cookie will crumble.

My Thoughts :

I am getting very addicted to this cozy mystery and I think it is due to the amazing narrator.  So my praise goes to her first and I recommend anyone who like listening to audios to give this one a try.  The series is a good one but the audio version is just a delight!

So I am up to book seven in the series.  Only eleven more to go before I am all caught up.  It sounds like a lot but the way I am going I will be there pretty soon.  The stories are not too long and they are easy to listen to.  The mystery is always good and keeps me listening at any opportunity.  All the small town goings-on are keeping me grabbing the next book as well as the regular characters and Skye's relationship.

This time around the plot revolved around a yard sale.  It sounds boring at first but when Skye gets tangled up in another murder the plot gets interesting.  Things get even more interesting when it appears that the town limits have been changed and it isn't Skye's favourite local law enforcement in charge of the investigation.  Also Skye's parents are getting on very well and Simon is away for the week.  Lots of little twists and turns in this one and very entertaining.

The ending of this one was a little mean.  First there was some news for Skye that I expected but it ended up sounding like bad news.  However the very end, the cliffhanger, was very unexpected and an interesting twist after what Skye got up to in this installment.  I am very very curious to see what happens next and am really holding myself back from listening to the next part straight away.

I am really enjoying this series, despite the fact that it is a little old and I am way behind.  A great cozy series that is obviously enjoyed by many because there are already eighteen books in the series.

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Aurian said...

Adding it to my wishlist, great review Amber, thanks!