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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

120) Murder of a Royal Pain by Denise Swanson

The Blurb :

When school psychologist Skye Denison stumbles over the body of pushy promfest chairperson Annette Paine during a Halloween fund-raiser, it looks like a clear-cut case of promicide. Annette was not the only prom mom desperate to see her daughter crowned queen; and her skirt-chasing hubby is no prince either.

Skye's anxious to investigate, but she keeps getting sidetracked by the overeager new social worker at school and also by her beau's emotional distance. Still, one question haunts her: Since Annette Paine was wearing a witch costume identical to Skye's, which witch was the intended victim? Will Skye realize too late that finding this killer is a matter of her own life and death?

My Thoughts :

My Scumble River addiction continues.  I just can't stop myself.  The further I get into the series the more I want.  Also I know I am nearly up to date so I want to keep going.  I listened to the first book back in May and I am already finished with book eleven and have book twelve ready to listen to next.  Despite having other books I could listen to I still keep on moving on to the next in this cozy mystery series.

I still can't decide what makes this series so addictive.  Skye is a nice enough character and her life is pretty normal.  That's if you don't count the fact that she keeps finding dead bodies.  Maybe it is Scumble River as a whole that keeps me wanting to go back for more.  The weird characters, the strange ways or the on-going story all get points but this series doesn't stand out above some of the others I have read so maybe it is the narrator who makes this series so good?  I can't decide.

This time around the person who was responsible for the many weird things going on in Skye's life was pretty obvious.  Not that I could figure out a motive or decide if the murder was intended or not.  I find Scumble River is catching up with the times a little and Skye is certainly getting a little more fun with her comments and actions.

There was a bit of a cliffhanger ending to this one which was definitely a big reason for grabbing the next installment straight away.  Anyone who has been following the series will be very interested in Skye's love life and it seems that there will be another change coming and it will be fun to see how Skye's mum over reacts ;)

A review for the next book will be coming soon.  I already have it on my Audible app ready to start.

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