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Saturday, June 25, 2016

48) This Old Homicide by Kate Carlisle

The Blurb :

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and while Shannon is delighted to be friends with not one but two handsome men, not everyone in town is feeling the love. After her elderly neighbor Jesse Hennessey fails to make his daily appearance at the local diner, Shannon swings by his place to check on him. Not only does she find Jesse dead—of an apparent heart attack—but she also realizes that his home has been ransacked.

Someone suggests that a thief was searching for a priceless necklace Jesse claimed to have retrieved from a capsized sailing ship, but Shannon doesn’t believe it. Everyone knows Jesse had a penchant for constructing tall tales—like the one about him having a hot new girlfriend. But his death is soon ruled a homicide, and shady suspects begin popping out of the woodwork. When another victim turns up dead, Shannon is convinced she must find the killer before someone else gets nailed....

My Thoughts :

This second Fixer-Upper Mystery was a wonderful book to listen to.  The narrator does a lovely job of pulling you into the story and I found myself grabbing my earphones whenever I could.  The location, the characters and the mystery were once again well written and interesting and I enjoyed going back to visit them all again so soon.

While the story and sometimes the writing is a little weak, this was well worth reading.  There was less construction talk which was nice in one way but sad in another.  After all this is supposed the Fixr-Upper Mystery series so there should be a little more of the Fixing!  Despite that the murders were interesting and easy to follow but the case was a nice and hard one to solve.

I had my suspicions but like Shannon I didn't put all the pieces together until she did.  Mainly because the author didn't give the reader all the facts until Shannon had them.  Which is a nice change.  I hate main characters who have all the pieces and still can't get the puzzle solved.  It is frustrating and not as interesting.

Looking forward to listening to the next installment sometime soon.  I know I read too many cozies but there are way too many good ones around.  Also this one showed some promise of becoming a little paranormal.  So maybe the series will get more ghostly!

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