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Sunday, October 2, 2016

76) Faux Paw by Sofie Kelly

The Blurb :

Normally, the arrival of an art exhibition at the Mayville Heights library would be cause for celebration. But thanks to the overbearing curator and high-tech security system that comes with it, Kathleen’s life has been completely disrupted. Even Owen and Hercules have been affected, since their favorite human doesn’t seem to have a spare moment to make their favorite fish crackers or listen to Barry Manilow.

But when Kathleen stops by the library late one night and finds the curator sprawled on the floor—and the exhibition’s most valuable sketch missing—it’s suddenly time to canvass a crime scene. Now Kathleen, her detective boyfriend Marcus, and her clever cats have to sniff out a murderous thief, before anyone else has a brush with death…

My Thoughts :

Another Magical Cats Mystery made it on to my audible listening list and this seventh installment actually brings me up to date with the series.  Although the next part releases this week so I will, technically, be behind again.

This series is very easy to listen to and the narrator is one I am used to and can actually switch to double time.  Which means I finish the book quicker and the speed I would most likely read it.  These books are never hard to follow or have too much information.  Maybe sometimes it feels like it but when I think about others in relation to this one, this series is very easy on the ears and brain.

It is nice to see things move along for Kathleen.  Her job, her relationship with Marcus and of course her place in the community have been slowly but surely making her feel at home and is, I am sure, a huge reason for people to keep reading.  I only wish that the cats had more of a presence and something new would happen on their end.  It is slowly becoming less magical and the series could just be called the Mayville Heights Library Mysteries.

I am looking forward to solving another murder with Kathleen soon.  I doubt I will be able to stay away from the series for long but I will try and keep the new release away from my shopping cart for as long as possible and listen to something else from my pile.  I do love everything about this series and therefore I want to make it last.  If I read the new installment straight away I will have to wait a whole year for the next one.  So I will resist!

A wonderful cozy mystery series and not just for cat lovers.  

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