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Saturday, May 16, 2009

101) Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris

The activities of the supernatural community in and around Bon Temps has become vital news to Sookie Stackhouse. She is a friend of the local Were pack, Blood bound to the local vampire leader, her brother is a werepanther, her boss a shifter and her room mate is a witch. Then to make things all the more complicated her great-grandfather is fae

The humans know about the vampires, they came out years ago. However now the humans are going to find out about Weres. It has finally been decided that the time is right to show their exsistence. Things seem to have gone well until Sam, Sookie's boss gets a phone call from his family and then a body of a werepanther is found in the parking lot of Merlotte's.

Sookie wants to find out who could have done such a horrible thing but while she is busy concentrating on that she doesn't see the real danger she is in. A Fae war has started and she is the main target and the enemy will harm anyone who gets in their way. Human or Supe they don't care and they are mean.

I can hardly believe that this is book nine in the series. In some aspects I feel the story has been going on for much longer but in other ways it feels so fresh and new. There is no need for me to sing praises for this book because like all of the previous Sookie Stackhouse novels it was amazing. Twists and turns, Supernatural and Human, everything you come to expect from this great series and outstanding author.

Sookie looses alot in this book, some of the loss is worse than others but the title of the book 'Dead and Gone' really does have alot of meaning. I hope that Sookie will get over the losses and come out strong like she always does. Although I wouldn't be surprised if the events in this new release leaves behind some damage.

The only thing I hated about this book is the end. Why? Because now I know I have to wait another year before the next Sookie book comes out. The year wait is extremely annoying and I am very pleased that I had time to listen to the audio book of From Dead to Worse a few weeks ago. Otherwise I would have found it hard to get back into the series after such a long break.

However I have some relief while I am waiting. TrueBlood season two is due on the screens next month and I can't wait. Although I know what happens to Sookie next (the series does follow the books) there are other tangents in the show that are new and it is always interesting to see how they adapt the book onto TV. If you haven't already tried the show I suggest getting the first season on DVD asap and catching up.

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