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Saturday, May 30, 2009

113) Succubus Heat by Richelle Mead

Being bad should be good if you are a succubus. However Georgina Kincaid has been in a horrible mood since her break up with bestselling writer Seth Mortensen and her boss is not amused. So Jerome, Seattle's top demon sends Georgina to Canada to help another demon boss with some troubles he has been having.

Georgina isn't too happy about being lent out to someone else and is even more annoyed that she has to go to Canada. Then things take an interesting turn when Jerome goes missing and Georgina and her demon pals are left without their abilities. Finding Jerome before someone else is made boss is of up most importance but without her life-sucking succubus ways Georgina and Seth realise now is the only chance they will get to get down and dirty.

With the supernatural population of Seattle up against each other and vulnerable Georgina follows the clues she has to find Jerome while keeping her boyfriend Dante sweet and Seth at arms reach. While the sexy succubus manage to find her boss and set him free in time? or will she and Seth reunite?

This fourth book in the Georgina Kincaid series was the best yet. That isn't to say that the first three were bad, I wouldn't have kept up with the series if they were. However this fourth book had alot of feelings and action plus alot of twists and turns. It kept me hooked till the end and left me needing more. Who knew being a succubus could be so fun and interesting! Georgina has me looking at things in a new cool light. I think succubus could be this seasons new vampire...

The small cliffhanger ending has me dying for the next book but unfortunately it isn't out until April 2010!!! (Why do you make us wait so long oh evil book publishers!) Hopefully by then I won't forget about the feeling this book left me with. Georgina, although already so old, grew in this book. She got a little hope for the future and I can't wait to see how her future pans out.


Vickie said...

I gotta get moving on the rest of the series! Cant' wait to get to this one. Fab review.

Unknown said...

Great review! New author for me, I'll be checking it out!

Dottie :)