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Sunday, May 3, 2009

92) Eternal Craving by Nina Bangs

The Eleven are an alliance of predators who are lethal, irresistible and more primal than anything else. They are back on Earth to help stop the Prophecy, an ancient Mayan prediction that says the world will end on the 12-21-12. With Fin as their leader they follow the pure evil trying to kill them all before their time runs out. Vampires, demons and fae are pulled together and are asked to choose sides in a war that the humans don't know about but are the ones who will suffer the most if evil wins.

Al has been promised a new life as a hunter but when he can't control his most basic urges he is put on babysitting duty. Jenna Maloy doesn't really know what to think of Al but she knows he isn't a missionary. However she trusts him because her sister does and because her sister is married to one of Al's team.

It doesn't take long for Jenna to find out the truth. As a tabloid writer who chases vampire stories she never really thought she would be stuck in the middle of their business. Things only explode when she finds out what Al really is but it doesn't stop the attraction the both of them have to each other.

Book two in the Gods of the Night series did not come along fast enough. It took me a good 50+ pages to get back into the storyline that took me so much by surprise last year. However once I got back in their I didn't want to come back out. Nina Bangs did a great job of continuing this series and I hope the wait for more will not be as long as it was for this sequel.

An amazing unique plot and a fascinating collection of characters make this paranormal romance more action and urban than I suppose it was meant to be. Well written with lots of mystery still waiting to be solved this is a series I will be hunting down as soon as more is available. This is a not to be missed series.

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