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Sunday, May 10, 2009

97) Dayhunter by Jocelynn Drake

Mira is a master of fire and the last hope for the world. For centuries she has been helping the Triad enforce what she must. Now she is in Venice with the vampire hunter, Danaus. Venice is the home of the Nightwalker rulers but it isn't a safe place to be. Betrayal, conflict and strange alliances are everywhere Mira goes.

The banished naturi are ready to feed again and Mira has to stop them. The great battle that has been talked about for so long is finally coming and Mira's destiny is looming. With shocking revelations and obstacles in her way, Mira may survive to see the naturi dead.

The second Dark Days novel has taken its time in hitting in the shelves and for me that brings out a very negative view on this book. After a year of waiting and reading at least 300 books inbetween, I have to admit that alot of the story from the first book Nightwalker is not fresh in my mind. However I do remember enjoying it alot and couldn't wait to sit down with this sequel.

Unfortunately this new book didn't spark much recollection for me. Sure some parts of the Nightwalker story came back to me but I constantly felt I was missing something as I read this newest addition to the series. While I did enjoy reading Dayhunter I am left with the feeling that it would have made alot more sense to me if I had had time to the first book again.

So I am a little sad about this one. On the one side I liked it for what it was. Dark, descriptive and really good Paranormal Urban Fantasy. However on the other side of things I feel lost and confused about alot of the story. I like Mira but I am not sure if I will be rushing out for book three when it comes out. I think this is a series that I will leave alone and read all at once when it comes to an end. Something which I never do but in this case feel I need to.

For me a very positive aspect of this book was its location and setting. The majority of the books in this genre are based in America and this series diverts from that norm. The last book visited the UK and Egypt and this time the author treated us to Venice, Vienna and Crete. It is refreshing to have a series based in Europe and to be set in some places I have actually visited myself.

So in conclusion I would say that if you have read the first book and still have it fresh in you mind then enjoy this new cool author and story. Otherwise try and wait and read the books together. This is a definite must read for lovers of this genre but its depth needs alot of time and concentration.

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