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Sunday, June 7, 2009

120) Demon Mistress by Yasmine Galenorn

The D'Artigo sisters are half-human and half-fae. All operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency but all three are different in more ways than one. The oldest sister, Camille, is a witch. Mostly good but a little bad she has three men who keep her safe and satisfied. The middle sister, Delilah, turns into a tabby cat and is also a Death Maiden. Who knows what that means right now. The last and youngest sister is Menolly. A vampire with a scarred past who is finally getting back her 'life'.

Now the owner of the Wayfarer bar, Menolly and Iris are tidying up the upstairs rooms when they come across the belongings of someone who used run the bar. They find out that the woman disappeared under mysterious circumstances and Menolly makes it her business to find out what really happened to her predecessor. Then Chase calls Menolly for her help in finding a vampire who hasn't been seen for a few days. With two missing people to find Menolly has her hands full.

Then add to the heavy load a necromancer neighbour who makes himself known to the sisters when his ghoul gets loose and also a secret society summoning demons. Suddenly Menolly and her sisters have their work cut out. Not only do they have some missing women to find but they also have to stop the demons that have been unleashed. Especially the one that has attached itself to Delilah and is sucking away her soul.

Demon Mistress is book number six in the amazing Sisters of the Otherworld series. This time Menolly is back in the hot-seat and I have to say she is by far my favourite sister. There is never a dull moment in this new installment and the story is progressing in the typical style that I have come to know and love.

Action packed and fantasy filled this is one series that I suggest everyone should try. Unique, full of depth and mystery this is a series that all authors in the genre should take note of and fear. With a fantastic assortment of characters who help the sisters there is something for everyone. Dragons, Incubi and Leprechauns are just some of the supernaturals making on the team which makes this a paranormal genre readers dream come true.

What the future holds in store for the D'Artigo sisters is a secret to me but I know for sure that I will be there with them the whole way. Next up is Bone Magic with Camille at the helm. Which also means more Smoky, Morio and hopefully Trillian. Bring it on!

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