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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

128) Street Magic by Caitlin Kittredge

Detective Pete Caldecott is investigating the kidnapping of a young girl and getting nowhere. So when she gets instructions to meet an informant she goes along knowing she has nothing to lose. However what Pete finds is Jack Winter. A gorgeous mage who died right before her eyes years ago.

Addicted to heroin, Jack is a shadow of the man Pete knew all those years ago. Unsure if she can trust him she realises pretty quick that he does have the information she needs and the means to stop the children from going missing. So Pete rolls up her sleeves and gets a crash course in the supernatural shadow world of the fey in the hope of saving the kidnapped children.

This first novel in a new series this was a pretty good debut. Of course I am not new to the author and love her Nocturne series but the Black London series is very different. The huge different in this series is that it is based in London. So many books in this genre are based in the States and it is really (even if it makes me slightly homesick) to have a book based in the UK. Kittredge pulls of the 'Britishness' very well and the change of scenery makes it a refreshing read.

Dark, fast-paced and full of magic this is a must read for fans of the Dresden Files or the Nightside series. Very different from alot of the books out there but still some familiarity this is looks like it is going to pan out to be a very interesting series.

I only have one peeve...the name of the main character. Although I know Pete is a female it is a guys name and however much I tried my brain kept getting this confused. Hopefully when book number two, Demon Bound, comes out in December I will be able to remember Pete is a gal!

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