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Monday, July 13, 2009

Problems posting comments!

A few people have emailed me telling me that they are having problems posting comments. Apparently there is something wrong with the word verification. I am not sure if this is a blogger problem or a problem with a certain kind of browser so I can't really help.

What I have done is turned off the word verification on posting comments. I hope this will help the people who have been having problems. However if I start getting spam comments I will have to turn it back on.

If anyone has any questions or can offer some input please let us all know!


Janicu said...

Blogger is being weird. I saw this on other blogs. If you have trouble, try TAB to get to the place to fill in the word verification. But right now this blog looks like the comments are ok again.

Unknown said...

Blogger was having issues it seems, for three days, I was getting error messages. If you kept trying, eventually the comment would post.

Now it seems to be working fine.

Dottie :)

drey said...

I was told I had this problem on my blog, too... They suggested setting comments to pop-up (mine was in-line)... Maybe that'll help?

Vickie said...

I'm glad it wasn't just me. = )