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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

162) Tenth Grade Bleeds by Heather Brewer

Bathory High sucks but Vladimir Tod is only just about to turn fifteen so he has to go to school. You would think that being a vampire would get him off going but Vlad is growing up as normal as possible. Thanks to his aunt, he has a regular supply of blood. Thanks to his friend Henry, he has the support he needs to get through all the weird stuff that happens when you are a vampire. Oh and thanks to Meredith, he has a wonderful girlfriend.

However this year is going to suck more than the previous. The trials and tribulations of being a teenager are bad enough for a human but Vlad's vampire side is showing it's colours as well. With his uncle Otis gone and the evil vampire A'Ablo after him, Vlad is not having a great year at all. To make matters worse he may actually be the Pravus that everyone keeps talking about.

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod are coming along nicely. Book three is just as good as the previous two books and the continuation of the story is keeping me very interested. Being a teenager isn't easy but poor Vlad has to go through human puberty problems as well as Vampire ones. The way that the author has written about this could, in a way, be quite amusing for older readers while younger readers will be able to relate with what Vlad is going through.

Well written and thought out, I am looking forward to reading more about Vlad and to see what happens next. This isn't my favourite young adult series but it is one that I can highly recommend.

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Ellz said...

I read one of the earlier books, I wasn't crazy about this series either.