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Friday, September 4, 2009

166) Doom With a View by Victoria Laurie

Abby Cooper used to have a long waiting list full of clients but now she can take clients who just walk in from the street. Business is bad for everyone so going to see a psychic, such as Abby, is just an expensive luxury. So when the FBI ask for her help Abby reluctantly says yes and hopes that she will be able to save some lives by using her skills.

However there are always skeptics. This time the skeptic is the FBI agent she is supposed to work with. Not only does he keep her waiting but then he insists on testing her ability. Finally she is able to help and her first case is to help solve the mystery behind three missing collage kids. Her intuition tells her that the kids knew each other but nobody is going to believe her until she gets some proof.

I love this series and always look forward to catching up with Abby. This new installment in the Psychic Eye mysteries has a few changes to it. Not only does Abby get a new style but at the end she also gets a new way in life. I won't tell you anymore because it would give things away but I like the way this series is travelling.

A super psychic cozy mystery series. The plots are well thought out and the characters are great. No boring bits and not over the top, this series always keeps you guessing till the end and has a few twists and turns along the way.


Vickie said...

I love this series, too. Thanks for the review. It's on the WWBL.

Ellz said...

Thanks for introducting me to another new author. I will be watching for the first in this series. Great review.