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Sunday, November 8, 2009

195) Tempted by P.C. & Kristin Cast

Zoey Redbird has just banished an immortal and a fallen High Priestess, saved Stark's life and nearly died. You would think that after so much action that she would get a break. Unfortunately things are not getting any quieter in the House of the Night school. Three guys all think they are Zoey's Boyfriend, her grandmother is still in hospital, her best friend is keeping secrets from her and she still needs to take care of her friends.

If Zoey could just get a good nights sleep. Kalona keeps invading her dreams and she knows that she still has to get rid of him permantly. How will she do it though? Can they all go back to the school or will they have to live with the nuns? So many questions and decisions need to be made. Everyone is looking at Zoey, the new High Priestess, to lead them into their future. Whatever it brings.

I have been a huge fan of this series since it came out. The last book in the series, Hunted, was good but I thought it lacked something. This newest installment lacked alot and I have to say it was, for me, the worst in the series.

The first problem was that this book suddenly has multiple narrators. The books were always from Zoey's perspective. However this time other characters also told their side of the story. This wouldn't have bothered me too much if it was a constant change between maybe a couple of characters but it seems the authors just kept changing to who they felt they needed to. Also the change of character didn't feel like a change of character. They all sounded like Zoey which made the change hard to notice and keep in perspective.

The second problem I had with this new edition is the lack of a real story. Usually there is a beginning, a middle and then an end. However this book just felt like the middle all the way through. So in this case 'Hunted' was the beginning and now 'Tempted' is the middle. This makes the next book 'Burned' the end? I have to say I am a little confused. Tempted seemed a little like a story arc and not much else.

My last big problem is Zoey's love life. She suddenly has three guys who all believe they are her boyfriend and also Kalona is is after her. Now I have nothing against relationships coming into a book and romance etc is fine and normal. However for a young adult series I think 4 guys/men is just a little too over the top and unrealistic. Give Zoey one and have one more on the side to keep things interesting but four? Boring, annoying and taking up too much time in the plot.

Don't think that this isn't worth reading though. With the faults it has and despite how frustrated I was with the ending it is still readable. Actually any fan who has been following the series has to read this to keep up with the story. However I have to say that I hope the next book, Burned, does actually make more progress than Tempted does.

All in all this series is great and I highly recommend it to everyone who likes vamps and wants to try something different. It is Young Adult but it isn't too young and actually is more adult in some respects. Deep, dark and unusual I really do like this series. Tempted however has let the series down.


ParaJunkee said...

I have never thought these books should be touted as teen books. This is sometimes where a lot of grey area falls under YA books. Technically I wouldn't have a problem with 16 or 17 year old reading them, but younger than that it is kinda iffy. If she would just stay with one guy, just one love I wouldn't mind the BJs in the hallways - and the lustful thoughts - but Zoey is like a revolving door with men, just when you think she has widdled them down to 1 or 2, 3 or 4 more pop up.

I'm disappointed to hear about the book being not so great. I wasn't as impressed with Hunted as the others. I had Tempted in my hand yesterday - I chose Hunger Games instead. I'm glad I made this decision, maybe I'll wait until it comes to paperback.

Unknown said...

One thing I will say about the hardback, which I meant to mention in the review, is that the removable cover is actually a poster...

That was quite impressive ;)

Otherwise I am in total agreement. There are just some YA series out there that are only for the eyes of the upper spectrum of teenagers.

elaing8 said...

I didn't like it that much either.I did find it better than Hunted though.
I'm tired of her boy drama.
I did like Stevie Raye's POV. Can't wait to see what happens there.
Like Hunted the best part happened in the last chapter.

Stacey said...

I havent read these yet, but everyone keeps talking about them, so i might have to pick them up at some point.