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Thursday, November 12, 2009

197) Silent Night, Haunted Night by Terri Garey

After a near-death experience, Nicki Styx, found that she could see and hear dead people. Together with her boyfriend Joe, she has gone against some pretty evil spirits and even beaten down the devil. However now their relationship is about to be tested by something even worse that Satan.

All Nicki knows is that she saw three strange women one night hovering over her bed. Then the next day her whole life is turned over and she is left confused. Her boyfriend Joe is not himself and doesn't even believe what Nicki tells him. He won't even listen to her when she tries to explain that the Three Fates are trying to destroy their relationship.

Christmas is coming but the man Nicki wants to spend the season with doesn't want to be with her. Can Nicki go up against fate all by herself? Can she win? It will be a Christmas to remember but will it have a happy ending?

I love this series and have been curling up with this book every evening this week. I have savored every chapter and enjoyed spending time with Nicki again. It didn't take long to get into this series again. Nicki is like an old friend and it was great to visit her and everything felt nice and familiar.

The plot this time around was very interesting and the story unfolded at a nice pace. I was hooked from the first chapter on and really wanted to finish this one in one sitting. However I made myself spread the fun out because I know I will be waiting ages for the next installment.

If you haven't already had the chance to meet Nicki Styx then I highly recommend you get to know her. She is sassy, independent and just like you and me. This paranormal romance is full of mystery and hauntingly good. If you are already a Nicki fan then you will enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit with her. Just watch out for all those other spirits she has hanging around her!


aurora M. said...

Sounds like a fun read! I know how it is to want to stretch out the fun....make the read last. I read so fast that I can get through a book in just a few hours. Because I like to own my books it runs me alot of $ each month so I need to slow down and pace myself. lol

Patricia Altner said...

Excellent review, Amber!

Every time I read your blog I find another book I want! I need more reading time hours.

Sue Brandes said...

Me too. I keep finding more books I want to read. LOL. This book sounds really good.

All This Silence... said...

Dueling with the devil is always fun!

Vickie said...

This is on the WWBL and I plan on getting it next Friday for my holiday reads stack I have building for next month. Thanks for confirming my choice. = )