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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Special with Tony Paul

The Halloween Weekend is not over yet! It is the Day of the Dead today and so Amberkatze's Book Blog is continuing the weekend Halloween Special with a third guest.

Tony Paul's vampire novel Shadow Lord placed third in the erotic paranormal division of the Maryland Romance Writers' annual "Reveal your Inner Vixen" contest. The author is not a big name in the Paranormal genre (yet) but I hope you will all Tony a big welcome!

Enjoy Tony's guest blog and don't forget to enter the contest below!


Author Tony Paul Guest Blogs

When I decided to specialise in writing vampire stories, I wished to write something different. After all that omniscient but anonymous “they” say vampire stories are becoming passe so one must write something different, something to catch the imagination, n'est-ce pas? With that in mind, I turned my attention from les vampires of the Old World and concentrated on those in the New. It appears almost all cultures have stories of bloodsucking creatures of the night, beings who for one reason or another have offended their various deities and are therefore accursed. So what were the Native Americans' spin on this legend? I decided to concentrate on the natives of Central America, specifically the Maya—and what I found was something of a surprise.

To the Maya, the vampire, wasn't a cursed creature but simply another of their gods, several gods in fact. First and foremost was the God of Death, called by various names of Yum Cimil, Cizin, and Au Puch. He is depicted in the colours of death, his face the pale grey of a corpse, large black and yellow spots representing decomposition on chin, cheeks, and forehead. His jewelry is the haute couture of the supernatural world; around his neck, he wears a collar made of human bones. Yum Cimil's companion in the Underworld is Cama-Zotz, the demon bat, also known as Ikal Ahau, a gigantic bat who eats raw human flesh. There is also a god called Zotzilaha, depicted as a tall man with the wings, head, and fangs of a vampire bat. Zotzilaha supposedly has power over the living and was offered the sacrifice of human life.

Okay, fairly interesting, but also pretty gruesome (tres horrible, if the truth be known!) and I had already decided my story wasn't going to be a horror story per se but also an adventure, with as little bloodshed as possible. No human sacrifices allowed! Therefore, Yum Cimil was more or less out as the hero of my story, but he could still play a major part. I decided he would be the father of my protagonist, Semris, and Semris would be the latest in a long line of demons ruling a long-lost tribe of Maya who had hidden themselves away in the jungles of the Yucatan when their brethren packed up and disappeared, thus becoming one of History's enigmas. The demons' ascent into the human world would be brought about by the eruption of a volcano, which would also cause a drastic reduction in the Mayan population; as these supernaturals reign over their mortal subjects, they find themselves losing their immortality and gradually becoming human. And then, as usual, civilisation raises its ugly head. The Outside World intrudes into their peaceful kingdom when a greedy paleontologist invades the city and steald its most prized possession--the Emperor himself.

So far, so good. The Emperor, this demon on his way to becoming human, is kidnapped and taken far away from his home. He's befriended by one of the expedition's members, a sympathetic Grad student. It's the relationship between these two men--separated by millennia but joined by their unexpected friendship--that makes up the majority of the story. Oh, there's a love story, don't doubt it--as well as a love triangle--but it's the interaction between Tucker and Semris, and their attempts to learn about and accept each other which eventually changes both their lives, gaining one immortality and the other humanity, as well as affecting their loved ones and their people forever.

I think it worked out rather well. I hope my readers will agree.


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Anonymous said...

Hi :)
Thanks to Tony for the guest post.
Is Tony on Twitter? I searched but couldn't find Tony.
I commented on your review of Grave Secret.
I also blogged about your interviews & this post.

Linda Henderson said...

Great post. I commented on your review of Unbound. It really sounds like a book I want to read.

Pissenlit said...

I commented on your review of Grave Secret by Charlaine Harris. I might do a re-read of the first 3 Harper Connelly novels before picking it up, though.

Tony-Paul said...

ANSWER TO RK CHARRON: Non, I am not on the Twitter. I do have a page on My Space and videos on YouTube, however, as well as my own website and am finding all this work a little daunting for a newbie to the writing game! This is almost like having a full-time job! LOL

Tony-Paul de Vissage

Cathy M said...

I left a comment on your review of Friday Nite Bites by Chloe Neill.

Sue Brandes said...

Thank you Tony. You are a new author to me. I really enjoyed your guest post. I commented on Charlaine Harris Grave Secret.

SiNn said...


i always love hwne u review authors iveneverheard of makes my to be read pile grow

Llehn said...

I left a comment on Grave Secrets by Charlaine Harris.

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I commented on Tainted by Julie Kenner (mostly because I'd just read and reviewed the book myself).

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buddyt said...

This is an International entry.

I took the easy way out and read the review just below this entry.

So I commented on Grave Secret by Charlaine Harris.

But I did mean what I said about looking for the book.


Dot S.(ladeetdareads.wordpress.com) said...

I commented on your review of Marta Acosta's "the Bride of Casa Dracula".

Tony's book is on my TBR list.

clynsg said...

I commented on your review of Grave Secrets by Charlaine Harris, largely because the is a book I already have on my TBR list.

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booklover0226 said...

I posted a comment on the Grave Secret by Charlaine Harris post.

Tracey D
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Barbara E. said...

I posted a comment on Grave Secrets by Charlaine Harris as well. I love all of her books, so she was the author I chose to comment on.

Asylumgirl said...

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Curling up by the Fire said...

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I commented on your September review of Zen and Art Vampires with author Katie MacAlister. I'm really happy I read it.

Andrea I said...

I commented on your review of Grave Secrets by Charlaine Harris.

Misty said...

I commented on your newest post #194 Bone Magic. That sweet you having been quoted on review in book. Congrats

wantsandwishes said...

I love the interview from your last contest that I entered for Tainted. I enjoy reading your blog and love the look and feel of the page. Thanks for the great contests. I saw the link to Amazon on your site. I will be sure to use this next time I go make a purchase.

saturdaynightfever said...

Comment left regarding Charlaine Harris!


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I just left a comment on Charlaine Harris's Grave Secret review.