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Saturday, December 26, 2009

212) Battle of the Network Zombies by Mark Henry

Amanda Feral is a zombie. She maybe dead but for her it isn't the end. Dressed in the best and most fashionable clothes she can be seen at all the right places in the city of Seattle. Amanda Feral is one of the most well known undead celebrities and she is loves it. She is beautiful and her werewolf boyfriend will bite anyone who says otherwise. Amanda is the best and nothing can stop her.

Well Ok, maybe money and the lack of it can. With her ad agency about to go under, Amanda realises she needs money and quick. An opportunity arises and Amanda gets involved in a new reality show that she wouldn't have normally touched with a 10 foot barge poll. Appear on the show, ruin her reputation and make some fast cash. It all sounds so easy. However nothing is that easy in show business or in Amanda's afterlife. Enter madness, murder and mayhem. Will Amanda manage to come out of this with all her limbs still intact?

Book three in the Amanda Feral series has been on my pre-order wishlist since it appeared on Amazon and it was possible to add it to my wishlist. So I was an extremely happy kitty when a package arrived last week from Father Christmas a.k.a Mark Henry. The title alone made me want the book but I also couldn't wait to get back in touch with my favourite zombie. Amanda has got to be the biggest bitch in the Paranormal Urban Fantasy genre but I love her for it and wouldn't change one single thing about her.

Mark Henry came through once again and channeled his inner woman. For the thrid time the author has given us another well written book filled with insanity and he also threw in a good plot to keep the reader hooked. Witty, rude and definitely not for the weak hearted this series is nothing like anything you will ever find anywhere. Guaranteed! For anyone who has ever watched Ugly Betty, Amanda is the Amanda in that show! Just a little deader! Ditsy, confident and a force to be reckoned with, this zombie rules.

The story this time was just as crazy and full of action as the previous two books. If you blink while reading this you could miss everything. This series is worth checking out just because it is a man writing as a woman. However this series is one you will enjoy because it is fresh, unique and utterly fantastic.

Battle of the Network Zombies comes out in February. So anyone who hasn't met up with Amanda yet has some time to use their Christmas money/vouchers to buy the first two books. If you already know and love Amanda, you won't be disappointed. Battle of the Network Zombies is everything you could possibly want from a third book in the series.

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