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Sunday, January 31, 2010

15) The Seventh Witch by Shirley Damsgaard

Ophelia Jensen is from a long line of wise and very gifted women. Her grandmother, Abby, is a talented witch and her great-aunts, Mary and Dot also have their own special abilities. With Great-aunt Mary about to reach the grand old age of 100, Abby, Ophelia and her daughter Tink, travel to North Carolina to celebrate with all the family. A simple trip to visit family should be an easy affair but as always trouble finds it way to the small-town librarian, Ophelia.

She didn't think there were any family secrets but as the days progress, Ophelia realises that there is alot she doesn't know about her relatives and the mountain where they live. Talk of curses, murder and revenge get Ophelia's inquisitive mind snooping where she shouldn't. Will she manage to solve the mystery and break the curse on her family? Or will more people have to die at the hands of the witch who has been scaring the locals for years?

The Seventh Witch is the seventh book in what has to be my favourite paranormal cozy mystery series. This newest installment may have had a change of scenery but it was not worse off for it. If anything finally getting to know the rest of the family and the mountain they live on was a long time coming and I enjoyed every word of it. The plot only made things better and a certain character showing his face again was the highlight.

I can't wait for more from this series. I absolutely adore the characters and the mystery that surrounds them in each adventure is always exciting. The paranormal angle makes the series even more interesting and I love the writing style. There is nothing I would change about the Ophelia & Abby mysteries except how often they come out. Maybe twice a year would satisfy me more than one a year ;)

For me this is a must buy and must read series. Light but not fluffy this is a lovely series to read if you need a break from the hard Urban Fantasy but want to stay in the paranormal genre. These books are also a nice series to suggest to anyone who wants to try out the genre but doesn't want anything too heavy. Make sure you read these in order though. I wouldn't want anyone to miss anything about this great series.

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