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Sunday, January 17, 2010

9) My Soul To Save by Rachel Vincent

Kaylee Cavanaugh knows when someone is about to die and screams when it happens. As a banshee she must wail but she tries to control herself with the help of her boyfriend Nash. So when the pair are enjoying themselves at a pop concert, Kaylee is surprised when the star of the show falls down dead without any warning. The need to wail doesn't bubble up inside her and she realises that the singer didn't have a soul to scream for.

One thing leads to another and Kaylee finds herself skipping school, breaking curfew and sneaking out at night. Not usually a wild child, Kaylee isn't used to doing things to upset her dad. However if he finds out she is out trying to get souls back from a hellion he will be more than upset.

Book two in the Soul Screamers series was as every bit as good as the first. This unusual and unique new area of the paranormal that Rachel Vincent has tapped into makes for brilliant reading. With none of the typical supernatural creatures making an appearance this is totally fresh and unique. There is an expect the unexpected feeling to the series and I can't wait for more.

Rachel Vincent already has one amazing paranormal series to brag about and now she also clearly has a second. With nice characters and a suspense filled story this is a pure winner. Sure this is aimed at Young Adults but who cares when it comes to a great Urban Paranormal Fantasy read? This is another series to add to the must buy list and the third book, due out in June, is already on my pre-order wishlist.

Don't wait too long to try this series out. You may kick yourself otherwise!

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