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Saturday, February 20, 2010

21) Shift by Rachel Vincent

Faythe Saunders is the first female werecat enforcer and future Alpha of her Pride. It isn't easy and she has the scars to prove it but she is getting stronger and stronger each day. The fight between the Prides is helping her learn what she needs to know to become Alpha but then a new enemy flies in from the sky and everyone is clueless.

Still injured from her last battle, Faythe nearly doesn't manage to save Kaci from the attack that leaves the Pride helpless and scared. Prisoners in their own home, the Pride realise who must have set this new enemy onto them but they are not sure how. So Faythe is busy trying to keep her personal life in order while making choices that could see them all killed or have them walking away in one piece.

Whatever happens, there will be casualties and losses. Faythe's main concern is that the people she loves the most are not among those hurt. Even if it means she herself gets hurt or killed in the process.

Shift is the fifth book in the Werecat series and it was, like every book in the series so far, amazing! The new enemy the Pride were up against took me by surprise and I loved getting to know a new side of the world this series is set in. The story was fast-paced, action-packed and sometimes a little terrifying but I couldn't stop picking this up to read at each chance I got.

The whole Mark verus Jace aspect of this book also kept me on tender hooks. I was constantly hoping that Faythe would finally sort the problem out but of course something always got in the way. Now I am eager to see what will happen in the next book, Alpha. Will Faythe really have to make a decision?

If you haven't already tried this series then I recommend it highly. This is one of those series that you read to keep but then buy copies for all your friends. I am totally hooked and love Faythe, Kaci and the rest of the Pride and I don't know how I manage to wait months for the next installment. Rachel Vincent is a must read and writes some of the best books in the genre. Exciting and satisfying, Shift shows that this series is just going to keep getting better and better.


Adele said...

Y'know every time I look at these books I am not that bothered but a few pages in and i'm hooked. Always. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's definitely a must read! I can't wait to get my copy delivered.
btw: I like the cover artwork ^_^