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Friday, March 5, 2010

29) The Phoenix Charm by Helen Scott Taylor

The name Gwyn ap Nudd is spoken and Cordelia Tink starts to worry. Nothing good can come of the Welsh King of the Underworld's name being said aloud. Then the Tylwyth Teg appear and Cordelia finds herself on a mission to save a baby from the Underworld with the help of some interesting people.

One of those interesting people is Michael, the baby's uncle. Cordelia is trying to resist him and all other men but she has seen the future and knows that one day that something will happen between them. Michael's powerful fairy glamour is not helping Cordelia keep herself in check. However the last time she got close to a man in that way something bad happened and she doesn't want that to happen again.

Together on the quest to save Michael's nephew they travel to Wales. Here their relationship to each other is pushed to new lengths and tested fully. Can Cordelia work with him to save the child? Can she trust Michael and believe in the Phoenix Charm? If she doesn't then they could all die.

I will start off by saying that this kind of book isn't usually something I would pick to read. I am not a big lover of fantasy stories with pisky's and other such creatures but the lure of my home, Wales, made me curious about this book. So at first I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to get into this. However I surprised myself by making it through the first 100 pages in record time. The rest of the book followed and by the end I have to admit I liked this magical story.

Full of adventure and romance, this fantasy story was well thought out and nicely written. I especially enjoyed the Cornish location and trip to Wales. The use of the Welsh language also pleased me alot and made me a little home sick! With so much depth and detail it was hard not to get pulled into this tale and the characters were so inviting as well.

All in all not really my cup of tea but it made for a lovely change of pace. If you are a paranormal romance fan then this is definitely worth checking out. It was a pleasurable read and I am glad I took the chance to read it.

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