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Saturday, March 13, 2010

34) My Soul To Keep by Rachel Vincent

Kaylee Cavanaugh is a bean sidhe and feels the need to scream every time she is near someone who is about to die. When she and her boyfriend, Nash, find out that one of his football team mates is taking a dangerous drug from the Netherworld they know they have to do something about it. They have both had something to do with Demon's Breath and can't believe that the substance has somehow been given to teenage humans. Death could be the likely end result for the few who are addicted to the drug but also the insanity it causes makes it even more threatening.

Getting rid of the Demon's Breath they can find isn't enough. They plan to cut off the drug supply but it isn't as easy as they both thought. Then Kaylee discovers the bigger plan and knows she needs help. The problem is that the people she needs help from can't be trusted anymore.

The Soul Screamers series took off to a flying start with My Soul to Take and My Soul to Save. Now this third part in the series sees the story getting bigger and better. Unexpected developments and shocking discoveries are only a few of the surprises that this third installment in the series has up its sleeve.

Just like its predecessors I found My Soul to Keep hard to put down. It was hard to leave Kaylee alone and not let her get to the next step in the story. The fourth book, My Soul to Steal, will surely bring some more revelations but for now I am basking in the greatness of this soon to be released third part.

Rachel Vincent is an amazing writer with two absolutely original and impressive series. I am a huge fan and can't get enough of her. Keep writing and I will keep enjoying!

My Soul to Keep is due for release in June

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Lisa said...

I have never heard of this series! Sounds great.