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Monday, March 29, 2010

42) Royal Blood by Ellen Schreiber

Her Summer has been spent with her immortal boyfriend Alexander but now that the holidays are over Raven has to go back to school and her normal life. The romantic nights and sleep-filled days become morning classes and evenings full of homework. It is a shock but it is something she will get used to. Unlike other things...

A letter arrives at Alexander's mansion and Raven is excited to hear that his parents will be coming to town. Raven can't wait to meet them but it seems everyone else has got to see them first. She begins to worry that her boyfriend doesn't want her to meet them but the real reason is even worse. Worse than Raven can even imagine.

This is the sixth book in the Vampire Kisses series. I have followed these books since they were first released but didn't rush to get hold of Royal Blood as the series, imho, was lacking something in the previous couple of installments. However when this book came to me, through a friend, I was eager to visit Raven and Alexander again and couldn't stop myself from grabbing this from the shelf instead of something else.

It was nice to visit the goth girl Raven and Vampire Alexander. I can't say I have missed them that much but it felt good to catch up with them. The plot this time around was a little light and easy and still I felt the story was lacking something. All that said I have to admit that I did enjoy the simple and youthful aspect of this story. None of the usual sixteen year old problems like sex and drugs were present and the author keeps the story clean and dreamy. It makes a nice change to have a Young Adult novel that actually is Young Adult.

Although I won't be rushing out to buy the next book in the series I will put it on my wishlist and read it at some point. This series is childish but it is nicely written and a quick read. A definite must buy for those young girls you want to bring over to the dark side ;)

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