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Sunday, April 11, 2010

48) The Mage In Black by Jaye Wells

Family problems is something Sabine Kane knows alot about. Her grandmother, the leader of the vampire race, is trying to kill her and alot of people conveniently forgot to tell her she has a twin sister. So getting away from the vampire side of her family, Sabine goes to New York to meet her mage relatives and get to know the sister she had no idea existed until a week ago. However this is no normal family reunion and it is clear to Sabine that she needs the mages just as much as they need her.

With the threat of war hanging over her head Sabine just wants to drink some blood and rest up. If only she knew the rules and didn't manage to get herself into more trouble than she was in already. Mage politics and dealings in the Black Light District fill Sabine's days but there is someone stirring up things to make Sabine look worse than she already does and it might get her killed.

I have been waiting for over a year to read part two in the Sabine Kane series and it was worth it. Red-Headed Stepchild was my favourite read last year and I knew this series was going to be special. What I didn't realise was that this next installment, The Mage in Black, would be better than the first part.

The story this time around just carried on where it took off. Adam is still gorgeous and the demon Giguhl is still the best side-kick ever. There is so much about the concept of this series that I love. The Lilith and apple aspect is something that makes this series unique where as the mixture of the paranormal races give the book edge and depth.

The addition of some new characters made this even more special. I was a little concerned about meeting Sabine's sister. Would it throw everything off balance? Is there room for both of them in one book? However everything worked out perfectly and the blast from the past for Sabine and the love for Giguhl just reinforced the strength of the story from start to finish.

There is nothing to hate about Sabine and I would love to have her life. Yeah this heroine may have some problems, stress and violence in her life but she really does speak to me in a way that most other characters don't. Sabine Kane kicks butt and doesn't whine around. She is strong, clever and fun. I am very much in love with her.

I will admit that I thought Red-Headed Stepchild must be a one off wonder that couldn't be beat. Today I was happily proved wrong. Jaye Wells is on my must buy list, must read list and my permanent collection list. To have this honour after only two books just shows how super amazingly good these books are. The only down side of this series is the wait for book three. March is way too far away and I don't want to be away from Sabine that long.

If you want to experience the best of the urban paranormal fantasy genre then you may go to Kelley Armstrong, Kim Harrison or J. R. Ward. However Jaye Wells is giving them all a run for their money and this is just book number two. If I gave ratings this would get A+, 10 out of 10 and a bunch of gold stars. Buy this book. No. Do what I did and buy two. You will need the second copy to lend to friends because you won't want to let yours go anywhere.

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