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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

55) Shoots to Kill by Kate Collins

Eight years ago, Abby Knight babysat for a problem teenager called Elizabeth. Abby hasn't seen the girl in years but now she is back and is using the name Libby and is acting even stranger than she did all those years ago. Nobody else seems to notice what Libby is doing but Abby can't ignore the changes. Why is Libby trying to steal Abby's life?

One thing Abby is sure Libby won't get is her boyfriend Marco. However when Libby needs him to investigate a case for her it is clear that Marco has more time for his client. What others think is a form of flattery turns out to be a bizarre murder plot and Abby intends on proving it before she ends up in prison for a crime she didn't commit.

When I am holiday I also try and take a holiday from the Paranormal. A long weekend in London meant I needed something easy and interesting to read while sitting on the plane and this cozy mystery was the right choice.

Although this wasn't the best in the series so far it also wasn't too bad. I certainly missed Abby's room mate who hardly made an appearance and also her funny cousin who usually has me laughing more often than not. Certainly the plot was good but it definitely wasn't up to the standard of some of the previous books in the series. A little weak and far fetched than normal.

On saying that I am still interested in seeing what happens next to my favourite florist. This series is a cute read and isn't too difficult to keep up with. A relaxing read and a series I enjoy this isn't the last time I will be visiting the Flower Shop Murder Mysteries.

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