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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

56) Passion, Betrayal & Killer Highlights by Kyra Davis

Mystery novelist Sophie Katz is finally getting over her brush with real life murder when another victim comes into her life. This time the murder is a little too close to home. Bob Miller is her brother-in-law and the timing of his death is really bad because her sister, Leah, had just found out he was having an affair. Can anyone say motive?

However things get complicated and it turns out that her sisters marriage isn't what it seemed. While Leah looks more and more innocent with the dirt Sophie digs up, things look worse and worse for her sister in the eyes of the police. So Sophie gets PI Anatoly to help her investigate the mistresses Bob had showered gifts on and who all have strong motives to kill. After all she doesn't want Leah to go to prison because that means she will have to bring up her destructive nephew.

I read the first book in this series about a year ago and have been itching to read this second part ever since. With my main love of Urban Paranormal it isn't often that I manage to take a break from the genre but this book was nearly completely read on my trip back from London to Vienna. It was just too fun to put down.

While the mystery aspect of this book does get a little complicated the outcome wasn't too surprising. However the way Sophie solves the case and other characters involved made this a really enjoyable and funny read. I giggled quite a few times and laughed out loud even more. This certainly was worth reading and I am looking forward to the rest of the series.

So if you are looking for a break from the vampires, wolves and ghosts then you may just want to pick this witty cozy mystery up.

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