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Sunday, May 2, 2010

59) Lamp Black, Wolf Grey by Paula Brackston

A new home in the Welsh mountains is supposed to help Laura Matthews achieve the one thing she and her husband haven't been able to do. Putting city life behind her, Laura knows the land full of legends and myths will inspire her work as an artist and hopefully give her what she desires the most.

A baby is the reason that London has been left behind and Blaencwm is their new home. Laura and her husband Dan really hope that this is the solution to the problem that has left them childless. With Dan commuting back to London to work, Laura is left alone in the remote Welsh house with only a few neighbours taking an interest in her. One of the neighbours, Rhys, seems too good to be true. While Anwen, a wise old woman can only be found when her husband Glyn isn't around.

Laura gets caught up in the history and magic of the hills. Merlin lived there once, a long time ago. It was here that he fell in love with a maid called Megan before he went off to be by King Arthur's side. Laura and Megan have a connection but Laura can't see how and why. So the lonely and desperate woman finds herself jeopardising her marriage and career to find the answers she needs.

I met Paula Brackston over a year ago at a book signing in my home town of Cardiff, Wales. I only manage to travel home about once a year and only for a week. So to be in that bookstore at that time, must have been fate because when I read Book of Shadows I was blown away. Now Paula's second book Lamp Black, Wolf Grey has left me practically speechless. To think I would have missed out on this amazing writer if I hadn't have been there that day. Well it gives me goosebumps!

Lamp Black, Wolf Grey is a wonderful tale about a modern couple who want a child and haven't been able to conceive. The book follows Laura's story and how she settles into life in Wales and starts to find out more about the history the hills surrounding her new home contain. Throughout the book the story flashes back to a time long ago where Megan is following her destiny and meeting Merlin. Merlin the magician and seer who once lived in a house near Laura's.

As both stories unfold and develop it is hard not to keep reading. My intention to read a few chapters turned into a hundred pages and then the realisation that the book was going to be read in one go. I just couldn't stop. Magical and spooky this is a so simple but amazingly brilliant read. This book will certainly be one I won't forget and will definitely make it to my top ten reads this year.

If you haven't tried this author yet then I suggest you do because it is a thrilling and exciting read which I can only describe as something similar to The Time Travellers Wife but written by someone like Kelley Armstrong. While you are adding this one to your wishlist may I also highly recommend adding Paula's debut 'Book of Shadows'. Both books are very special and unforgettable.

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Martha Lawson said...

Sounds good. I will have to add her and her books to my list!!