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Thursday, May 13, 2010

63) Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

No blurb here! If you don't know about Breaking Dawn or haven't read it yet then look it up! I already read the book when it was released and decided to listen to the whole Twilight series on Audio book. Breaking Dawn is the last book in the Saga and finally I finished listening to it the other day. Looking back I can't remember the book being that long but listening to it was another story. If you have about 20 hours to spare. Then this is the book to listen to!

Despite the fact that I wanted to visit the Twilight books again, I didn't really want to listen to Breaking Dawn until after seeing Eclipse when it comes out in the cinema. However the book was there taunting me on Audible.com and decided now was just a good a time as any. In a way I am glad I listened to it now rather than later. Now when I walk out of the cinema after Eclipse I won't be trying to remind myself what happens next. It will be fresh in my mind.

As I already mentioned, this audio book is very long. It has taken me weeks to listen to it and I was, to be honest, getting bored and annoyed at it by the end. The previous books were much easier to listen to and not so drawn out. The only enjoyment I took in this book was the narrators. I have been impressed by Bella's narrator since listening to the first book and it was nice to have a new narrator on this book speaking the part of Jacob.

All in all this book has some highs but more drawn out lows. I am sure when I read this I enjoyed it but listening to this was a chore by the end. There are lots of things I could point out that I found wrong in the book but this review is more about the audio aspect than the story. So I will end in saying that the audio was well made and kudos to the narrators. It is a shame the book was so long winded and sometimes boring.

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