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Thursday, May 13, 2010

65) The End of Desire by M. R. Sellars

Rowan's wife is ill and she can't be healed by doctors or drugs. The only way he can save her is to stop the magick that has connected her to the sadistic serial killer calling herself Mistress Miranda. However first her has to find her and that isn't proving to be easy.

The spell needs to be broken but Rowan isn't sure which spell. With the killer using a mixture of evil magick that he does not deal with. So he follows the leads he has to New Orleans and finds himself luring the killer closer to him and his wife. Will he be able to stop the bond they have before it is too late?

The End of Desire is book three in the Miranda Trilogy, a trilogy that is part of the Rowan Gant Investigation series. I have been dying to read this book for some time but this series isn't the easiest or cheapest to get hold of here in Europe and it was only last week that I managed to finally get a copy. I couldn't wait to dive in and finished this in record time.

It was nice to finally get to the end of this trilogy. It has been an interesting, exciting and scary story and I have enjoyed it immensely. However on saying that, I am ready to get on with the next story, away from Miranda. It was fun but I am, as Rowan is, glad it is over. Now I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series (which I already have) and finding out what happens next.

This series has got to be one of my favourites. Not only is this written by a male but also the main character is male. This makes for a welcome change. Also the writer obviously knows what he is writing about. There is an air of reality to the stories and Sellars must do a lot of homework to make sure he gets things not only right but interesting.

Well worth checking out. Definitely something worth reading if you like a bit of mystery and thriller now and again. This series is like a James Patterson book with magick, a brilliant combination that I have come to enjoy.

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