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Saturday, May 22, 2010

72) Dead is just a Rumour by Marlene Perez

The creepy town of Nightshade is preparing to celebrate its 200th anniversary on Halloween and there is a lot going on. Psychic Daisy Giordano is doing as much as she can to help prepare for the celebrations but there seems to be more going on in the small town behind the scenes. Some of the paranormal residents are being blackmailed, a new school counselor is sticking her nose into places she shouldn't and a famous chef has descended on the town and throwing her weight around.

Meanwhile, Daisy is also trying to get her dad to understand she isn't the little girl he was forced to leave behind six years ago. Of course she realises that he is having a hard time adjusting to life back in Nightshade after being help captive by an anti-paranormal group and Daisy, like the rest of her family, is trying to give her dad some slack. However when he starts to come between her and her boyfriend Ryan she has to try and find a compromise or she could lose him.

There are a lot of secrets in Nightshade and Daisy has already uncovered quite a few of them. In this fourth book in the series there are even more surprises for the residents of the spooky little town. A hot spot for the supernatural and for unusual happenings, Nightshade, is the kind of kooky place you would love to live in yourself. There is never a dull moment and the people are extremely intriguing.

There are quite a few different plots to this new installment but there isn't anything difficult about them. Actually the plots are interesting and well put together, using characters from previous books as well as new characters. At some point I did realise where things were heading but it still didn't put me off reading this delightful Young Adult book in one gulp.

I really like this series and look forward to any more books the author will write about Daisy and her sisters. Nightshade is a wonderful place with unusual people and enough action to keep me reading. As well as the usual paranormal filled mystery there is always a little relationship problem and the author finds a good balance between the two. Not too over the top for younger readers but definitely realistic and well written.

Daisy is surely my favourite teen psychic! I feel sorry that you all have to wait till August to read this. I just hope that there will be more of Daisy in the future and that the wait between books won't be as long. Well worth reading if you need something light and a must read for those paranormal loving teenagers out there.

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E.J. Stevens said...

Ooh, this sounds like a great read. Thanks for the wonderful review!