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Thursday, June 3, 2010

78) Inhuman Resources by Jes Battis

Occult Special Investigator Tess Corday always wants to see justice served. So when a powerful necromancer is killed she finds herself trying to handle the occult community politics so she can find out who the killer is. With little evidence she hopes that her sometime lover, Lucian Agrado, will help her. Instead she finds out that he knew the victim.

Things are about to get out of control and Tess doesn't see it happening until it is too late. Old enemies, a trip to a forbidden realm and truth that she would rather not have heard leave Tess fighting once again for her life and those close to her.

It has been a while since I read the previous book in this series, A Flash of Hex, so I expected to be a little lost at the beginning of this new book. However I found myself feeling at home almost instantly and everything came back to me within a few pages. It was like going to visit an old friend and I have to admit I realised I had missed Tess.

The OSI series is the paranormal equivalent of CSI. A wet dream for fans of the forensic series and a must read for anyone who likes Caitlin Kittredge or Jeaniene Frost. With a strong main character and a deep paranormal basis, this is a series that so many people will love for so many different reasons. I personally just love everything about this series so far and I soaked up Inhuman Resources within hours.

A great paranormal mystery with twists and turns that keep you guessing all the way. All manner of paranormal delights and characters you can believe in. What amazes me the most about these books it that the main character is a woman but this series is written by a man. Not only has Jes Battis written three great OSI books but he hasn't gotten the woman parts wrong. Well done.

I am eager to read more and really hope that there will not be a whole years wait for the next part. Worth reading and worth passing on to friends. Make sure you start at the beginning though! There are some things that need to be read in order to understand.

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