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Sunday, June 13, 2010

83) Daemon's Mark by Caitlin Kittredge

Luna Wilder has settled down in some ways. She has had a boyfriend for a whole six months and hasn't done anything to destroy the relationship. Being with Will is nice, easy and fun but Luna isn't sure where they are really at or where they are going. Maybe it is better not to know.

However things are made difficult by Luna's latest case. A teenage girl is found with her heart missing. It looks like the young werewolf managed to get mixed up with the wrong people but as Luna starts following the clues she also starts getting mixed up, or at least annoying, the right people and finds herself in more danger than she ever thought possible.

Far away from home, no chance of help and a prisoner to the most heartless people she has ever met, Luna may have finally met her match. However something keeps Luna going and she is determined to fight to the very end. What she doesn't know is what kind of ending she will see.

Before I start the review it seems that the blurb for Daemon's Mark on the book and everywhere else is wrong. The publishers managed to stick the blurb for 'Witch Craft' on the back of the book by mistake. Which means everyone has been using the wrong blurb for this book and most likely leading a lot of readers to believe that Daemon's Mark is just Witchcraft (which is another book in this series) released again with a new title. So I wanted to put things right before I say how great this book is. Daemon's Mark is the fifth, and from what I have heard, last book in the Nocturne City series.

I have enjoyed this series from the very beginning. Luna is wild, feisty and someone I would definitely keep as a friend and not make an enemy of. The idea for this series was and still is fresh, different and amazing Urban Fantasy. Full of action and mystery this series always kept me guessing and this newest edition surprised and fascinated me.

The topic this time around is human trafficking and prostitution and there are lots of twists and turns that jump in to the main plot. Unfortunately while this is a brilliant read there were a few little things that didn't so much annoy me but I wanted to question. I won't write anything about those little things because it may spoil the story somewhat but be prepared to be left wondering about a few things.

Of course this is, just like any other Caitlin Kittredge book, an exciting and fantastic read. It is a shame that this is supposed to be the last book in the series because the ending lead me to believe there was still more to come. I actually feel a little cheated because there were a few loose ends and I wasn't left with the feeling of things being over and done with. Maybe there will be a short story sometime in the future that will at least let me say good-bye to Luna properly.

If you are a fan of this series then it is a must read. If you haven't already started this series then do so! Caitlin writes Urban Fantasy the way it should be written and her books have always kept me hooked till the end. I am now looking forward to whatever the author offers us next. I am sure whatever it is will be just as paranormally spectacular and serious as the Nocturne series was.

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