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Thursday, June 24, 2010

90) Elphame's Choice by P.C. Cast

Being different can sometimes be good but in Elphame's case she is so different that she stands out from the crowd. Part-human and part-centaur, Elphame has attempted to hide her hooves all her life. Special because she is the daughter of The Chosen of Epona, she craves to be different for another reason.

So Elphame decides to take on a task. She has dreamt of restoring MacCallan Castle and how it should look. Now after a century of laying derelict it is time for the historical place to be returned to its former glory. With the help of her brother, Elphame begins the tedious but rewarding job of cleaning up what the evil Fomorian creatures left behind all those years ago when they attacked and killed all who lived there. Finally she feels she has found her true calling but something else is also waiting for her.

After reading the first three novels in the Partholon series I needed a little break from the magical world. However I couldn't keep myself away too long and Elphame's choice found its way into my hands quicker than I thought it would. The pull of the world P.C. Cast has created was too great and I needed to see what happened next.

Anyone following the series knows about the MacCallan Castle and the horrible things that happened there in the first book, Divine by Mistake. So going back there was a little scary and I was worried about what could happen. I wasn't prepared for the story that unravelled itself as the book paced along but I was happy with the result. Another Partholon visit to praise!

Now I still have Brighid's Quest to read but will take another short break before I pick it up. After the fifth book in the series I believe there will be no more Partholon novels so I want to stretch it out a little. Anyone who has read anything by P.C. Cast should be sure to check out this series. Fantasy, romance and adventure all mixes up with the typical writing style I have come to enjoy from this author and makes a special reading experience. A series and a world that should not be missed.

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