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Friday, June 25, 2010

92) Strange Neighbors by Ashyln Chase

Nurse Merry MacKenzie is finally moving away from home. A lovely apartment awaits her even if her dad would like it if she stayed home with him. Her brother is impressed by the new place though, especially when he finds out who lives there. The famous baseball pitcher Jason Falco not only has the whole penthouse to himself but owns the whole building. A nice new place of her own and a sexy landlord. Life in Boston is going to be good.

Within days of being in her new place, Merry notices that the other residents are slightly strange. It doesn't take long for her to realise that the two women upstairs are actually witches who run a phone sex business and can communicate with the resident ghost. Then there is the shape-shifter across the hall and the werewolf on the next floor. Oh and don't forget the squatter in the cellar, a vampire, who has managed to make a secret lair for himself.

The unusual supernatural mix can be a recipe for disaster but it is the humans who seem to cause the most trouble. A reporter sneaking around looking for the scoop she needs to keep her job is a pest they need to get rid of fast. However the nosy aunt who has no idea that her husband is more than human who lives in the building could be the hardest one to keep calm when things start going wrong.

When I saw the cover for this book and read the blurb, my first thoughts were 'looks like a cute read'. Well Strange Neighbors was just what I expected and just a little bit more. Paranormal fun and mayhem all the way and some extremely hot steamy sex scenes had me hooked from the beginning. The story doesn't give everything away at once but offers small bits and pieces which build up to make a well thought out and satisfying read.

Sure there were a few little details that bugged me about this book but they were things I could get over. The quickness of Merry's and Jason's relationship made me cringe a little at first but in the end I have to admit that the love at first sight thing can happen. My main problem was the long chapters. There were perfect opportunities to start a new chapter. For example two weeks had passed. However the chapter continued. However after the first half of the book I was too into the story and plot to be extremely bothered about this.

All in all a very entertaining and delicious read. The new twist, a paranormal feast of characters and a chick-lit like style, made Strange Neighbors addictive and desirable. Fans of Lynsay Sands or MaryJanice Davidson should take a look at this new kid on the block. I have already found the next book in this series, The Werewolf Upstairs, and added it to my pre-order wish list. Another new author that has been added to my long long list!

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Hot Ash Romance Novels said...

HI Amber,

One of my fans forwarded your review to me, so I had to look you up and say "Thank you for your kind words and praise!" All writers need encouragement and there's nothing like knowing someone enjoyed your work.

I especially LOVE the fact that you compared me to my idol...MJ Davidson. I had the occasion to meet her this year and try not to fawn. Being an admitted fan-girl, it was impossible. LOL.

Thanks for the feedback on chapter length! That's something I can easily fix...and will. Much appreciated.