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Monday, June 28, 2010

94) Spider's Bite by Jennifer Estep

She is the most feared assassin in the South but when she isn't out killing people she is busy cooking in the Pork Pit. She is a Stone elemental and has some Ice magic running through her veins. She is the Spider and she is a professional killer.

Double-crossed and out for revenge, Gin a.k.a The Spider, is ready to kill anyone who gets in her way. Gin only takes out the bad guys, the ones who deserve it, and these guys really need to be put down. But there is trouble and that trouble is the law. Donovan Caine has reluctantly agreed to help Gin but he is also a bit of a distraction. Battling a magic that is more powerful than her own, the last thing Gin needs is for her mind to wander, especially when the detective is one of the people who wants to see her dead.

So I heard from friends that this was an amazing read. I got the book a while back but it has been struggling to keep itself on the top of my to be read pile. Finally this book saw the light and got picked up yesterday and within a few chapters I was kicking myself for not getting around to this one earlier.

Yes this book is so good that you will be annoyed with yourself for not reading it sooner. I was hooked within pages and already looking to see if there was a second book by the time I was halfway through. When pay day comes I think the next part in the series, Web of Lies, is accidentally going to find its way into my hands. I need to know what happens next.

Spider's Bite is original and has a lot of depth. I was totally taken by surprise seeing as my previous encounter with this author was very different. A superb plot and amazing characters all came together and made this a read to remember. Brilliant urban fantasy and so unusual and new. I was in my element and scared to take a break.

There was a little cliffhanger ending that really has me itching to read more. If you are looking for some with thrills, kills and a kick-ass leading lady then look no further. I may have made a late start with this series but I am going to be catching up with it up real soon.

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emmad said...

I've just started web of lies and not happy that am at work so can't just stop everything and read it. Even worse will then have to wait for Venom to come out.