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Monday, July 26, 2010

105) Vicious Circle by Linda Robertson

Being a witch doesn't pay the bills so Persephone Alcmedi reads Tarot cards, writes a newspaper column and looks after werewolves on the full moon to make ends meet. The fact that witches aren't supposed to associate with witches isn't usually a problem for her until her grandmother gets kicked out of her nursing home and comes to live with Seph.

Then a werewolf friend is murdered and the high priestess of an important coven offers Seph some big money to take down the murderer. This isn't something Seph would usually even think twice about seeing as she isn't an assassin for hire. However the offer is too good to refuse and then she finds out more about the man she has been hired to kill.

Goliath Kline is a powerful vampire and just looking into his past and gets her and her friends into a lot of danger. Seph is a touch girl but this time she finds herself in big trouble and has to use powers she didn't realise she had to keep herself and everyone she holds dear to her, alive.

This has been on my to be read pile for a while and I finally pulled it out and decided it was high time I got around to reading it. Like many books on my bookshelf, this was recommended to me or had an interesting enough blurb for me to buy it. So when I started this I was a little confused. Had I picked up the second in the series by mistake? Did I miss the first book? I had to check...no this was the first. So why did I feel like I was missing something.

I wonder if anyone else who read this book has had the same feeling as me at the beginning. Maybe I am just used to authors spending at least the first few chapters of a book introducing me to the world they have created. Do I really need a chance to warm up to the characters in a book? Learn a little about them? Could it be that I just didn't notice the details that I thought were missing? I don't know but I really felt like I was missing some background and explanation of how things worked. I felt like I had been thrown in at the deep end with nothing to hang on to.

However this had a lot of potential. The plot and concept was good, maybe a little weak and erratic at times but it certainly gave me as a reader something to work with. It had moments of Oooo's and Ahhh's but at times I did feel confused and lost. The main character is someone I want to get to know better and the other characters made an impact. If it wasn't for the lack of depth this would have been a perfect read.

So you may think that I am going to say this is a series I am not going to bother with. You are wrong. I did like this and as a debut it inspires hope for the future. Finding out that book two, Hallowed Circle, and book three, Fatal Circle, are already on sale made me debate ordering the next book. Instead I have added it to my wish list and will be getting a copy as soon as my finances allow it. Vicious Circle if anything, made me curious. I need to see what happens next and find out more about this series.

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