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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lynsay Sands & Kelley Armstrong Contests are still open for entries!

This week I have two amazing authors as guests.

I am a huge fan of author Kelley Armstrong and was extremely overjoyed when she told me my quote was on the back of the new US versions of Stolen! Amberkatze's Book Blog is going places :)

Anyway, Kelley is giving away TWO copies of her new release Waking the Witch to two lucky Amberkatze's Book Blog readers. Just go here and add your entry before Sunday 4pm (Central European Time) and you may just win!

My second author guest this week is the lovely Lynsay Sands! Lynsay's books, just like Kelley's, were one of the first that got me into the Paranormal genre and gave me a reason to stay. I never miss a new Argeneau novel and this year we are being spoilt because two more are due out before 2010 ends! Yay us! Yay Lynsay!

Lynsay is also giving away something this week! If you head over here and add your entry you could win a copy of Love Bites. Now this isn't just any copy of Love Bites. It is an original copy with the cool comic cover that you can no longer buy! Definitely a collectors item and a must have for any fan!

So make sure you enter the contests before the deadline on Sunday! Who knows you could be a winner. Also keep a look out for the July Monthly Giveaway! The end of the month is nearly here and once I have picked five books from my reads in July you will all have the chance to vote for the best, and maybe even win, one of them.

I also intend on cleaning up my books/author goodies a little. I have a few things that need good homes. Keep an eye out for a special contest or two. Maybe this weekend...


Bradmouth said...

True Blood has now officially sucked me back into a vampire kick that I haven't been on since Buffy went off.

I'll check out Lynsay's book.

And if anyone wants, check out my snark-filled Top Ten Hottest Male Vamps of All Time at my site.


Vickie said...

Amber: Congrats on the news! Very cool!!