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Friday, October 22, 2010

141) Just Another Judgement Day by Simon R. Green

The Blurb -

God's own enforcer, the righteous engine of destruction known as the Walking Man, has come to the Nightside. His sole purpose is the elimination of the wicked and the guilty, which means no one will be left in the Nightside once he gets started. So the Authorities have hired P.I. John Taylor to stop him. Legend has it that he can't be killed. Taylor is very much hoping that the legend isn't true.

My Thoughts -

The ninth book in the Nightside series and yet again another book full of mayhem, murder and the macabre. I have enjoyed this series because of its Britishness and the surreal storylines. Funny but dark, strange and silly, this series really isn't like any other. Here in the Nightside anything, really anything, can happen. There are no holds barred and John Taylor along with Suzie Shooter are along for the ride till the bitter end. Whenever that will be.

I can praise this series forever because it is really one of a kind and totally "out there". However this book wasn't by far my favourite until now. It was good, just not good enough. Things are getting a little complicated due to time lines and so many players and I am finding it hard to keep up with all the unusual goodness this series throws at you.

I am ready to travel back to the Nightside at any point in time. I just need a little holiday from the dismal world before I go back to it. Long live the series, just give me something better next time. Like in the good old days...maybe bring back Merlin for a laugh?

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