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Saturday, February 5, 2011

20) Blood Wyne by Yasmine Galenorn

The Blurb -

The D'Artigo sisters have just turned in their badges to the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. Now that they're free agents they're hoping things will be easier, but when you're half-human, half-Fae, things can go astray at the most inopportune times...especially if you're attempting to go undercover and penetrate the underworld of a vamp society on the brink of war.

My Review -

Book nine in the series and the third book told from Menolly's perspective. Just when I think I know which D'Artigo sister I love the most another book comes along and I have to change my mind again! Menolly really is amazing to read about and I couldn't read this new story fast enough. So much was going on and I was happy to see the fight against Shadow Wing only being mentioned a few times instead of being the main plot. I needed a rest and the sisters did too. It was a nice change and I loved the book even more for it.

This time around the vampire theme mixed in with some ghost action and Galenorn literally pulls the reader into the Seattle underground. The problems of Menolly's daughter, a vampire serial killer and some vampire politics took precedent and there was never a boring moment. With Delilah out of action the rest of the team pulled together to help when possible. A huge help came from Chase and it was great to see him and Menolly getting along so well together. I can't wait to what happens as his powers keep developing.

What can I say? This series is amazing and this is a must read for me. I have enjoyed every single book so far and can't ever see that opinion changing. The author has built up a steady well developed series and the plot isn't too hard to keep up with. The depth, energy and paranormal elements that go into this work can only be praised. Keep writing and I will keep reading. Long live the D'Artigo sisters and don't make us wait too long for more!

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lilypad98010 said...

I'm such a fan of Yasmine Galenorn. I love her "D'Artigo sisters" series. I can hardly wait to read "Blood Wyne"!