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Sunday, February 20, 2011

29) Raising the Dead by Mara Purnhagen

The Blurb -

Charlotte Silver's world is like no one else's...

As the daughter of the famous Silver Spirits paranormal investigators, Charlotte Silver is used to all things weird. But when coffins start floating down her street during a flood, life turns extra strange. And wonderful, when her friend and crush Noah signs on to help Charlotte and her folks in the aftermath. Cemetery cleanup might not sound exciting, but as shocking discoveries and a lurking stranger come to light, Charlotte learns that sometimes, raising the dead can bring unexpected rewards.

My Thoughts -

I am really enjoying this new YA series and couldn't resist getting this E-novella as soon as I saw it. The story is set between books one and two, Past Midnight and Raising the Dead, and tells the story of a storm and what happens to a small family cemetery as a result of the floods it brings.

Now I have read a few reviews and quite a lot of people have said this novella is not exciting and that nothing really happens. However, after reading both of the full length novels, I think that quite a bit happens in this story and I did find it extremely interesting. The history behind the coffins and cemetery was good and it was nice to read about the project Charlotte's parents take on.

Also this book shows the little twists and developments in some of the characters relationships. Not only does Charlotte have some problems defining what she is to Noah but her friends Jared and Avery also show that they are mending fences. Although the relationship that really stands out is Charlotte's parents. As Charlotte becomes aware of the fights about things that happened in book one and will play a big factor in book two.

All in all this is a brilliant short story to cross over from Past Midnight to One Hundred Candles. However I don't believe it is a good example of how great the series really is. I highly recommend reading this if you have an E-book reader but the full length books are much spookier. I enjoyed this and Mara Purnhagen stays on my must read list!

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E.J. Stevens said...

I'm intrigued. Now I can't wait to read this series. Great review!
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