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Monday, August 8, 2011

106) Working Stiff by Rachel Caine

The Blurb :

What if death could be cured by a drug? What if you needed that drug every day ...or death would reclaim you? It's not hypothetical to Bryn Davis. It's her so-called life. Bryn Davis is new on the job as a funeral director, but even she knows that once you're dead, you ought to stay that way. But Fairview Mortuary has a hidden backroom business: resurrecting the dead for profit, at extortionate rates. Discovering her boss's secret may cost Bryn more than her life ...it may just take away her death, too.

My Review :

If you are one of the Rachel Caine fans who was upset to see the Weather Wardens end then after reading Working Stiff you will be saying 'Joanne Baldwin who?'. Once again this author has managed to suprise and amaze me with another totally inventive, imaginative and enjoyable new series. I wonder if Rachel Cain can even come up with a bad idea? Because this first book in the Revivalist shows that she obviously has some more great concepts up her sleeve!

Working Stiff is emotional and thrilling. It is also full of the dead but don't worry, this is far from your normal zombie type book. The dead are only 'alive' due to a 'cure' and that 'cure' comes at a very high price. This is a problem that Bryn manages to end up being a part of and the story just keeps rocking and rolling from then on.

Byrn is different and unique just like the other main female characters Rachel has introduced us to in the past. From the start I wanted to be her friend and knew I was going to be following her where ever she went. As things unfolded I just couldn't get enough of the story. I loved the plot, the characters and the whole different interpretation of the walking dead. I was addicted and found it hard to put the book down.

So fans of the author should pick up a copy of Working Stiff as fast as possible. Anyone who hasn't yet tried this author now have the chance to start a new series with the rest of us. Fan or Newbie this is a series that will open your mind and have you hooked from beginning. Rachel Caine has proven her place, once again, in the genre and I can't wait to see what comes next. I just hope that the series continues to thrive from here on because this good start could just be a fluke.


Aurian said...

Another raving review by you Amber. I have read the first 6 weather warden books, and liked them. Really have to catch up.

Vickie said...

I had no idea Rachel Caine ended Weather Wardens and had this new series ready to go! Thanks for bringing it to my attention, it looks good.

Shelley Munro said...

This sounds like a book I would like, especially with the different storyline.

katiz7 said...

Love Rachel Cain's books. She can bring the reader in and you can't put it down until it's finished.

Brenda Demko said...

I like Rachel Cain's books, but haven't read this one yet. Thanks for the review! It sounds great!